Allow me to re-reintroduce myself

October 19, 2023

I've been absent from the conversations on the internet since 2019. I deactivated my social media acconts in June of that year once I realized the caustic effect media had on my well-being. I was in a particularly vulnerable place at that point in my life having just moved away from my hometurf to live in the south (it was a failed experiment, more on that someday). I found social and conventional media especially corrosive given my circumstances at that point, and here I am almost five years later and I have confirmed that my life has been better without media polluting my mind-waves.

I'm in a much better place now than I was then, and I've been busy healing and preparing myself to deliver my life's work. I'm now in the process of creating that work, but I decided it was a good idea to pre-emptively start sharing so I have some momentum when it's time to share anything really meaningful.

War in Palestine that is happening right now is also a factor to prompt me to express myself. Many people I haven't heard from in ages have reached out to ask how I'm doing in light of an open-air genocide being committed against my people. There are suspicions that this will escalate into a greater, global conflict (quite possible), but I simply wanted to have a neutral space to broadcast from so I can easily share my status with my communities.

Right now, my status is that I have finally reached a level of emotional and logistical stability that I have long sought and that has evaded me for over a decade. So, I am quite happy. In spite of the horrible news, I feel optimism and I feel duty to try to be the voice of my people to whatever extent they want me to represent them. My humanism and love for this world have compelled me to break my silence a little prematurely (it was going to happen eventually).

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