This is how we get God to solve our problems

April 02, 2024

People in Gaza are being massacred every day. In the YouTube comments sections of the videos I watch that keep me apprised of the latest developments I often see well-meaning Muslims promising that Allah will punish those Zionist criminals. It's not just Muslims either: all sorts of religious folks, seemingly righteous, making claims that God will adjudicate and that there will be some just resolution as divined by God.

I think this is a cop-out. In the same way that no one is coming to save you as an individual from your own problems, no God is coming to save us from our problems as humans. I should qualify that statement: I do actually think God can help here, but God works through people. The magic of divinity is manifest in our consciousness, and the sum of our collective consciousness is the mind of God. So, the more we collaborate to work towards solutions, the closer we get to the universal and omnipotent divinity that these monotheistic religions attribute to "God". It's an asymptote, a distant goalpost that we will never reach but that we still ought to move towards.

Learning to assemble as communities and as societies is how we activate our divinity. It is in that formation that we will be able to formulate solutions to our collective problems. If we want to eradicate the murderous cultures of Zionism, fascism, imperialism, etc, we cannot wait for some divine miracle to do it for us. We must learn to organize, to assemble and to collaborate on solutions. We must boycott collectively, take collective political and logistical action, and unite as force of good.

Until we take responsibility for our world, and see these rogue cultures that we want to rescue humanity from as part of humanity, we will continue to suffer. These patterns echo in societies where we create paraiahs out of prisoners and perpetuate criminiality by ostracizing and demonizing felons instead of claiming responsibility for them and doing our best to socialize and integrate them.

Ultimately our judgment of others stems from our own self-judgment, and that is the true divine judgment. It doesn't wait until the afterlife, but it is happening here and now. When we judge others, we are activating our divine judgment, but not any of us is on a pedestal with the leverage necessary to truly judge anyone else. Our judgments of others are actually reflections of our feelings about ourselves, and until we learn to love and accept ourselves, we will keep perpetuating cycles of abuse and violence that will come back to haunt us and future generations.

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